Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coaching and Video Making

Hey guys!

Just a short update for now. I recently made a couple of videos for and the owners over there were kind enough to give me my own coaching page! Check it out, as it has some updates on the coaching that I offer and also some slightly altered pricing. Don't worry, if you've already had coaching with me in the past I'm not increasing your rates, these are just for new students.

I also might be moving my blog over there in the near future, so I'll let you guys know if or when that does happen.

Half way through October and I'm actually on a pretty good pace for my goals. I don't have any graphs on me at the moment but I'm up about $8k on the month and I've played almost 60 hours, both of which are almost exactly half of my monthly goals of $15k and 120 hours. I'm going to keep the pedal to the metal and hopefully pull off my best month in a while as a great start to my 2 year plan.

If you haven't heard, I just placed a down payment on my first car! I'm the proud owner of a black 2007 acura tsx, and I'll add some pictures at some point in the future if you guys are interested. It's awesome, and I'm driving home in it next month. That's all I've got for now, take care everyone.


P.S. About 30 minutes after writing this post I found out that they set up my blog. From now on, you guys can follow me at

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